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Lindsey Morgan Internship at Modern Digital Imaging

Published March 6, 2013
As I was going into this internship, I was not really sure what to expect. It was a brand new, very intimidating environment. However, I have faced the challenges presented to me, and have learned many valuable skills in the process. MDI (Modern Digital Imaging) is a local printing services shop that provides most all of your print needs. Graphic and web design services are also provided at your convenience. Because they offer graphic and web design services, I determined that MDI would be incredibly beneficial as an internship, so I decided to pursue this position. It has proven to be a very wise decision.
I work under the graphic designer, as well as take on side projects of my own. I have mainly been working on marketing and promotions for MDI, but I also manage clients and their design requests. I have designed flyers, posters, business cards, booklets, large format photos, and logos. My satisfaction comes from showing off my work to the clients and seeing their expression when it is exactly what they are looking for. I also work on cutting, mounting, laminating, binding, and anything one could think of that would go with a print shop. All very valuable skills to have for any of my future endeavors.
Perhaps the most challenging part of this internship is the actual printing. There are about 10+ different printers, and having to learn the little nuances for each individual printer takes patience. However, I feel that because I am familiar with most of the printing processes, I can design and color accordingly for clients that come my way in the future. The most memorable part of the internship so far is printing, mounting, and framing a large format photograph that I actually took. I look forward to being able to show off more of my work in such a way. With that being said, I feel as though any young designer should take advantage of this internship. I created this position in hopes of followers, and I feel it is a wonderful opportunity to understand the processes of designing for a client.