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Lena NW featured in Huffington Post

Published January 21, 2015

In an article titled “Meet Lena NW, The Student Artist And Rapper With A Provocative Take On Rape Culture“, Lena NW’s most recent work is discussed. In her rap video “Garnet & Gold”, Lena explores the extremism and fanaticism of FSU’s football fans and the rap culture that exists in society today.

[quote] Lena’s work coincides with an ever-growing chorus of students and activists nationwide speaking out against what they describe as rape culture on college campuses, just as policymakers and the federal government have increased scrutiny of how universities handle sexual assault and harassment cases.


In 2013, Lena was a recipient of the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Award, which funded her creation of web comics that explore Internet and rape culture as well as gendered double standards. FSU painting teacher, Carrie Ann Baade, supervised Lena’s work. Baade states: “She’s doing almost graduate-level work… she’s the right artist to be responding to outrageous and scandalous trends in culture that should be addressed.”

Lena uses the feminist work of Barbara Creed as influence for her own art. Lena uses imagery of menstruation in her work, drawing attention to the fact that men have made menstruation and childbirth a taboo. She focused on rape culture and harassment, as you can see in her recent work. She made a 40-page comic titled “Maybe She Likes It,” and she has made several youtube videos in response to people being obsessed with “going viral” online.

Lena hopes to continue to create “weird, progressive content,” and get hired to do so after she graduates.