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Leah Munnings (BFA ’13)

Published May 3, 2013
”Zero, the Origin Point” and detail, digital media

”Zero, the Origin Point” and detail, digital media

I don’t set out to make work about any one particular thing. In fact, I try to stay well away from infusing inherent meaning into my work, instead allowing my art to be a playground for my imagination. My themes are primarily metaphysics, transhumanism, science fiction, and horror. I rarely analyze the psychological origins of my work – it just is. I like to leave interpretation to my audience and allow their imagination to play, too. In this way a piece becomes interactive, as I have pre-emptively illustrated a story authored by the viewer.

Process is important to me. Almost all of my work is done digitally in 3D modeling programs and finished via a digital paint or image editing program. It is meant to be seen primarily by digital means, though I also do 2D and 3D print work. Every piece is a learning process, and through that process, I evolve as an artist.