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Kristin Reyelt's 2011 Summer Internship with Master Craftsman Studio

Published August 30, 2011

Kristin Reyelt, BFA 2012,  spent some of her summer as an intern at Master Craftsman Studio right off of the FSU campus. This studio is affiliated with the university and is responsible for design projects throughout campus – bronze statues, stained glass and legacy walk sidewalk plates are just some of the many works they have completed. The studio also works on personally commissioned pieces from clients all around the world.Kristin had the great opportunity to work besides the artists creating these works. As an intern she was an extra hand helping them with several projects that were underway. Some of which included a table being built for an interior designer, the terrazzo sidewalk for the city of Tallahassee and a large mosaic table for the FSU bookstore.  She was also able to utilize the studio’s resources to make her own small works of art.   She made her first brush on rubber and plastic mother molds, created fused glass jewelry (and a small sign), a granite backed mosaic, a poured rubber mold turned into a multistep mold making process to create a solid glass replica of my mold, a wooden pen, and a couple other projects.  Kristin states’ “I must have learned a whole semester’s worth through all of the projects I made this summer! It was truly an artistic experience that I could not pass up! The Master Craftsman studio offers so much more that it’s unbelievable what one can do in that space. A lot of art students are not aware of this building and the potential they have to learn more about their field. Even though my internship is technically over, I will definitely be making routine visits back to the studio and continue to make wonderful things!”