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Kristin Reyelt (BFA '12)

Published December 4, 2012



My approach to art begins by examining every interaction that nature and people have to offer. It can be as minute as the placement and movement of leaves against an urban background or the meaning behind a flicker of someone’s eye. I like my art to reflect natural processes as well as having major visual organic elements. I would further like to explore the concept of ‘awe’ in my work. In all of my pieces, I strive to turn an aspect into a perspective that captures the audience emotionally and drives them with curiosity to explore the piece further. For example, I tend to create work with complexities of matter or scale where the viewer reaches that ‘awe’ moment. I create this moment with more of a visual impact rather than an immediate conceptual one. My work, conceptually, has a central idea of exploration but leans toward capturing mystical auras of every type of interaction between person and nature.

The culmination of my past design work has led me to pursue Production Design – design which allows the imagination to become reality through the creation of costuming and film sets. The thrill of becoming encased in a scene is what I strive to accomplish. My recent thesis work showcases two characters born of my imagination; I hope to engage the viewer with the opportunity to interact with these life size figures and spark their imagination. I treasure the fascination and interaction with these life size figures and look to push the audience deeper into their thoughts. Production design work involves a large amount of conceptual and practical thinking to be truly effective. I enjoy the challenge of creating details, ensuring function and providing a seamless fluidity. In that piece I hoped to break people away from the everyday interactions and remind them not to be afraid to imagine.