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Kristin Manson (BFA 2014)

Published June 16, 2014
Paper collage hanging in front of an image of a sunset

By Kristen Manson (no title or description provided)

Paper Collage hanging in front of Image of a sunset

By Kristen Manson (no title or description provided)

Artist Statement

Finishing school, applying for jobs and internships, figuring out how to pay bills, communicating with others, missed alarms, daily nuisances, and the general uncertainty of what I am going to do after graduation: these are the thoughts that consume me. The level of anxiety that I carry around daily is almost crippling, but it has helped me come to an interesting realization. Instead of living in the here and now and enjoying my last few weeks of college, instead of taking in the beautiful world around me, I am bogged down with nervous apprehension and a widespread sense of foreboding. I also noticed that I am not alone. There are many of us who risk being completely shut off to the good things in life because of our trepidations. Though it may not stifle my tears or relieve my general sense of unease, I am making the choice to confront my concerns and fears so that I can see through the curtain of doubt, focusing instead on the people, places, and moments that bring me joy.