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Kaylee Jacobs’ Fall 2011 Internship at Julie Guyot Studio

Published January 4, 2012

This past semester, I had the opportunity to work as an intern for a local ceramic artist. Working for Julie Guyot Studio was one of the best experiences I have had, thus far in my academic career. At the beginning of the semester, we set up a weekly schedule for me to come into the studio and work. Twice a week I would come in for several hours, much like going to a studio class as an art student, and I would help with whatever tasks Julie had laid out for me that day.

My duties as an intern varied from week to week, but we did have some consistencies for me to follow, which helped me build some of my technical clay skills. Some of the jobs I had around the studio were, helping to wedge clay and rolling out different-sized clay balls, glazing pieces, applying decals, mixing slips, adding emails to mailing lists, packing and shipping pieces, as well as cleaning and organizing. Some days I would help make new labels on the computer, and even baking got to be one of my helping duties. This internship provided me with more than just technical skill for working in a ceramic studio. It taught me a lot about professionalism in the realm of being a small business owner. Aside from learning about the respective responsibilities of the business, I left my internship with a dear friend and wonderful mentor.