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Judy Rushin – Any Noun Can Be Verbed

Published August 31, 2011

Any Noun Can Be Verbed

A solo exhibition of new work by Judy Rushin

September 9 October 27 @ Santa Fe College Art Gallery, Gainesville, FL

Opening Mixer, Friday, September 9, 7:00 -9:00

Judy Rushin‘s work is a hybrid form that drifts between painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation. Often choosing to use media that are more typical of the applied arts such as automotive paint, furniture lacquer, and cast plastics, her work suggest her self-identification as a working class woman who happens to deal in the world of ideas. Her current body of work is a series of 85 modular paintings that are conceived using the methodologies of quick-assembly housing and furniture. They are designed as part of a flexible system that allows the paintings to be exhibited in a variety of ways on the wall or in open spaces. In all of her works a state of change acts as the catalyst for circumventing the hierarchy of traditional architecture and its modes of social control. The works are the opposite of monumental, referring instead to small, temporary structures that act as events more than places.

Gallery Hours; Monday Friday 12-4 PM

Free and open to the public. Sponsored by SF Fine Arts, and SF Student Leadership & Activities

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