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Joni Wildman’s “Book Reports”

Published September 28, 2015

Joni Wildman, FSU Art ’13 BFA, is sharing her “Book Reports”.  From Joni: Fellow Emerging Artists, this summer, after completing my MFA and stressing about my cross-country move, I self-soothed with artist career guides. I have made some notes that I’m calling “book reports” on each of the books I read and what I found helpful. You can check them out, and share them with anyone else who may be feeling naked and afraid post-grad.

I also feel like this is a book I can grow into. There are sections on copyright, contracts, gallery representation, and tax preparation that I haven’t encountered a need for yet, but having read them, I feel prepared. She explains all the ways you can be back-stabbed, used or misunderstood with personal anecdotes in the margins to support her personal claims. It was the one book I brought physically to NYC, and I refer to it often for advice.