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Jacqueline Landreth: Summer Journey at Oglesby Marketing

Published August 30, 2011

Jacqueline Landreth, BFA Fall 2011, had an eventful summer working as a Graphic Design intern at FSU’s Oglesby Union Marketing and Communications Department from assisting in layouts to designing characters for future animations.

In case one is unfamiliar to the department, Oglesby Marketing is located right in the front of the Oglesby Union building when approaching it from Woodward Avenue’s crosswalks. The department is a pivotal source for the design work on the Florida State University’s campus since it creates much of the signage and other media that is seen by thousands of students daily. Oglesby Marketing also works with other branches on FSU’s campus (including The Globe and the Flying High Circus), functioning like a typical design firm by working with the clients and having back-to-back correspondence to obtain polished and completed design work.

As an intern, Jacqueline did a variety of tasks from laying out flyers, designing other signage, and creating character designs for an animation that the department in the process of working on. During the summer, most tasks that handed to her focused on her strength of being an illustrator including taking part of four logo design campaigns and drawing out illustrations and character designs for future promotional materials.

Throughout these projects, she focused on learning to refine her planning and sketching processes as a designer. After re-drawing and refining her sketches, she was able to create more crisp and clean drawings which are extremely important when scanning and vectoring the drawings in Adobe Illustrator. She also learned how to work with the design work in which she hasn’t had much previous experience including logo design. These experiences will definitely be carried over and used in her own artistic endeavors.

Also, during this summer, she has learned certain professional concepts that will benefit her now and after graduation. For example, if a student is looking into getting an internship, it is important to treat it like a job. Be professional, be prompt, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a portfolio and a resume on hand in case the employer asks for one. An aspiring intern should be prepared; any internship could one day turn into a job or open doors for future careers down the road. It is also crucial to have a skill set to offer to the organization one will intern at. The skills don’t have to be perfect (after all, internships are vehicles to polish those talents) but thinking about what someone can offer to benefit the place they’re applying to as an intern to is just as important than anything else above.

All in all, this internship experience has been both valuable and exciting. Jacqueline has obtained skills that will benefit her during her own projects and bettered her as a designer. She cannot wait to see what doors will open in the future with her newfound experiences that she gained over this summer.