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Ironman Position(s)

Published September 29, 2011

Stefan Sheuermann is  the Global Branding Specialist for the World Triathlon Corporation (Ironman), headquartered in Tampa, FL. They maintain their 5 brand properties (Ironman Series, Ironman70.3 Series, 5150 Series, IronGirl Series, and IronKids Series)  through events, merchandise, media, and athlete services. As our brand offering grows, so too does our need for staff and quality employees. He will be looking for up to 3 people to fill positions in his creative services department, as well as an additional person to fill a role with athlete services in a basic design capacity.

The positions he will be hiring for are:

•Design Intern – For class credit, experience, references, and portfolio building. I will offer a weekly stipend for a student who has graduated and is looking to enter the work force. This will not likely turn into a full time position here (if no positions are open), but will be stepping stone to starting a career, or gaining applicable experience in their field of study.


•Design Coordinator – This person should be fluent in Adobe Creative Suite. Perfect world candidate would haveL:

•Knowledge of online media

•Have worked with HTML/CSS/JAVA

•Experience with or have studied layout design and/or merchandising design (t-shirt art, posters, etc.– not the actual    garment design).


Design Specialist – This person should be fluent in Adobe Creative Suite. Perfect world candidate would have:

•Knowledge of online media

•Have worked with HTML/CSS/JAVA

•Have an understanding of  the creative process

•Should be very organized/detail oriented, and possess strong layout skills.

He would like this person to really build equity in what we are developing (brand voice, styling, marketing crossovers). This position will ideally be my “right hand man/woman” on projects.



•Athlete Services Event Collateral Coordinator – this person will work alongside our team but is going to be hired by, report to, and work with our talented and capable athlete services department.  Applicants who are interested in this position should contact me/ send me their resumes and I will pass them along to the Director of Event Services. This position will involve entry level design, creation of geographic site maps, athlete guide layouts, and supporting collateral materials. 



These positions do not currently have official start dates, but would like to begin hiring in November. These positions will all work closely with each other. I am developing a creative team to work with/for me to develop ALL of the global collateral for World Triathlon Corporation. This is a daunting but enjoyable task that includes concept development, graphic design, minimal database development,and the creation of digital platform “look and feel” elements. The process will be tough, but enjoyable for the creative thinker.I am open minded to applicants who might not have a body of work (yet) but are confident in their abilities and can still show authentic examples of their skill sets. The personality will be as key as the skill sets for this type of work environment.  These candidates should be:

•Open minded

•Able to work with a team

•HUMBLE–No feeling of entitlement! We have had issues with this..

•Cognizant of professional boundaries (careful not to step on toes)

•Able to take direction from superiors

•Able to receive constructive feedback on both their professional performance and their work

•Should be energetic and focused.

He is looking for people who will buy into the culture I will foster in our creative group (mood boarding, idea sharing, critical feedback, brand voice, and market comparisons).


The jobs will be posted when they are officially opened. They will be located both on our corporate website ( and through the career centers of the additional universities from which I will seek applicants. In the meantime, if students are interested and feel they meet the criteria, please have them contact me with their resumes and a cover letter.