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Internships: Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Published January 2, 2013






2013 Anderson Ranch Arts Center Summer Internship Program

Each summer, Anderson Ranch Arts Center provides a variety of internship opportunities in conjunction with the summer workshops. For many years, the Ranch has nurtured talented young artists and allowed them to work among practicing studio artists of renown. Over 150 workshops are offered for artists of all levels and ages. They come here for the opportunity to uncover, develop and stretch their creative spirits in the visual arts. Interns have the opportunity not only to assist in summer workshops and events, but also to work with and meet artists and gifted instructors in a supportive community. It takes the effort and teamwork of talented interns in artistic, administrative and other departments to provide the high quality learning experience for which the Ranch is known.

Anderson Ranch Arts Center

2013 SUMMER APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications are due March 8
For all other types of internships and employment opportunities go to winter internships or open positions.

Dates of 2013 Internship: May 19, 2013 to beginning of September (some internships may last until mid or late September). Specific arrival and departure dates will be arranged by department.
Work schedule: The timeframe fluctuates by department. A work schedule will be developed between each intern and supervisor. Interns work a minimum of 40 hours per week and will be expected to work more during Ranch summer events. Interns will receive one four-day break during the internship pending approval of their supervisor. Each intern will receive a period of 24 hours off per week. Some programs require evening responsibilities such as being a monitor, while others have weekend tasks. All interns help with studio maintenance, set up and faculty transportation.
Compensation: Housing and meals at the Ranch cafe (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) will be provided.

Selection Process: Each department is responsible for hiring their intern(s). The Ranch offers employment to interns that are best qualified and will be most effective in a given area.

With the amount of workshops and participants at the Ranch in the summer, internships are intense and demanding and time is spent in a variety of capacities. The majority of artistic internships focus on assisting faculty and students in the studio with projects, tools and supplies. Additionally, interns are responsible for knowing the weekly schedule, helping with set-up before and after workshops, and cleaning and maintaining the studio space. This includes taking out trash, cleaning bathrooms and other physically demanding tasks. Administrative internships focus on Ranch operations and accommodating participant needs. Versatility is important as workshops change on a weekly basis.
Interns are expected to assist with other responsibilities and Ranch events, as needed, like auctionettes and ground maintenance. Interns are required to work the day the National Council Celebration and the Annual Art Auction, Saturday, August 01, 2013, and have the option of working the Recognition Dinner, Saturday, July 20, 2013.

Interns are usually practicing artists and are often undergraduate, graduate or recently graduated students from an art program looking to work in an artistic environment of like-minded peers. Friendliness, politeness and interpersonal communication skills are vital to working with Ranch staff, students and workshop instructors. Strong working knowledge of the art materials, tools and techniques in the intern’s assigned department is essential.

Interns stay in shared intern residences, which include a shared bedroom with an attached bath, a shared common space and a fully equipped kitchen. The condos are located within easy walking distance to the Ranch. There is a valley wide transportation system known as RFTA as well as a free Snowmass Village shuttle that operates a few times per hour. It is helpful to have bicycle. Having a car may aid with transportation in the Roaring Fork Valley, but parking at the Ranch is designated for students. Interns are not necessarily provided with dedicated studio space and may have limited time to make personal artwork over the summer.

To apply for a summer internship, please read the job descriptions listed below, then download an application form and submit by the application deadline date of March 8, 2013. For all other types of internships and employment opportunities go to winter internships or open positions.

2013 SUMMER APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 8, 2012 (received by)

Artistic Internships
Contact: Doug Casebeer,,
970-923-3181 x238
The Ceramic internship is quite intensive, and in order to maintain a high level of quality, workshops are given top priority. Interns are responsible for organizing the class, loading and firing all kilns, mixing glazes, assisting the faculty, working with the students, and cleaning the shop among other duties. One intern will be a monitor from 7:00pm-10:00pm, Monday thru Friday. Kiln loading happens frequently, including evenings and weekends. All clay interns must stay until September 1, 2013 and at least two will stay until September 30. Cleaning from the summer and preparing the shop for the winter takes about three days after the summer workshops end.

Contact: Andrea Wallace,,
970-923-3181 x233
Photography & Digital Media interns actively assist in the summer workshops providing support for faculty and students. Their responsibilities include assisting instructors, aiding students, troubleshooting computer and printer problems, organizing and participating in field trips, weekly evening lab monitoring, performing general lab/building maintenance (including on weekends), and gathering materials for demos. Interns should have significant experience and a strong technical understanding of camera gear, digital and film capture, digital workflow using Photoshop, Lightroom, and Epson printers. Attention to detail and desire to learn is a must. Experience teaching or assisting in photography or digital media course is highly desirable. Additional knowledge of Processing or other coding languages, general computer maintenance, the Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium, Final Cut Pro, and slide and flatbed scanners is also helpful.

Contact: Jenene Nagy,,
970-923-3181 x236
The Painting and Printmaking Program Interns assist faculty and students and are expected to be self-motivated and anticipatory of the needs of the students and the faculty. During a typical Painting and Printmaking workshop, interns help set-up studio equipment, get deliveries from the office, attend to and adjust the track lighting, show students and faculty where supplies and tools are located, and assist faculty in demos and students with new techniques when needed. Additionally each intern will monitor the shop several evenings per week from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Weekend responsibilities for all interns include tearing down the current set up, patching and painting all walls, thoroughly cleaning and rearranging the studio for the next workshop, and meeting new faculty on Sunday afternoon for last minute adjustments. Interns hoping to assist in our Printmaking studio should have a significant background in printmaking and workflow of an active shop and be detail oriented. Familiarity with computer technology (Photoshop, illustrator) and digital printing is very helpful for both Painting and Printmaking interns.

Contact: Doug Casebeer,,
970-923-3181 x238
The Sculpture Interns are responsible for organizing the class, assisting the faculty, working with the students, and cleaning the shop. One intern will monitor the shop in the evenings from 7:00pm-10:00pm, Monday through Friday. The interns should have a background in or willingness to learn a variety of sculpture techniques and equipment such as welding, wood fabrication, bronze casting, plaster, and mixed media construction. A familiarity with computer technology is also helpful. A high regard for safety is essential.

Contact: Doug Casebeer,,
970-923-3181 x238
The Wood Interns set up the studios for workshops, prepare materials, clean and maintain the shop and assist faculty and students, among other duties. Interns are expected to be self-motivated and anticipatory of the needs of the students and the faculty, with strong people skills. A high regard for safety is essential. Each intern will monitor the shop a minimum of one evening a week from 7:00pm-10:00pm as well as some weekends. The interns should have significant background in woodworking, including knowledge of basic joinery and the safe operation of woodworking machines. Familiarity with other materials (metal, paint, mixed media construction) and computer technology is also helpful.

Contact: Sonya Taylor,,
970-923-3181 x204
The Children’s Program interns must be flexible, patient, compassionate, energetic and able to accommodate the changing needs of students ages 4-15. Their responsibilities include assisting instructors, aiding students, organizing and prepping materials and maintaining studio space and supplies. The supervision and safety of young children is a primary expectation that includes the use of materials, snack breaks, lunch times, and time before and after workshops. Having a broad knowledge of art materials and techniques is valuable. Having experience or a strong interest to work with children is essential. An understanding of ceramics and handling of the electric kiln and other related equipment is helpful.
Administrative Internships

Contact: Nancy Wilhelms,,
970-923-3181 x216
The Marketing Intern is a key member of the Ranch’s administrative team who assists in the execution of the multitude of tasks associated with marketing the Ranch. Intern must be versatile and flexible, must be willing to take initiative, be detail-oriented and well-organized with strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills. The intern will play an important role in the online/social media/website marketing of the Ranch and be involved in marketing its programs. Tasks will include photography and documentation of summer workshops, activities, and events, assistance with web content and updates for the Ranch digital initiatives i.e. Ranch blog and Social Media, assistance with production and distribution of promotional materials and with submission of Ranch events to various online events calendars.
Required skills: photography, digital media/social media, writing, blog management, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Creative Suite, basic web design. Submission of a photography portfolio is encouraged.

Contact: Sarah Roy, and Jessica Cerise,
Please email resume and cover letter to both email addresses.
The Guest Services Intern is a key member of the Ranch’s operations and front office team who helps facilitate the seasonal housing and actively contributes to the Ranch’s customer service goals and retail store. The Guest Services Intern is one of the first contact students, faculty and visitors have when they arrive at Anderson Ranch. The intern is to make initial contact with those from the outside a positive one. Hospitality and customer service is a top priority of Anderson Ranch, and the Guest Services Intern is integral to this mission. The intern is expected to be available from mid May through the end of September.

Contact: Sean Muckian,,
970-923-3181 x213
The Audio Visual intern assists with the operation of the summer event series. This person will be responsible for the following: assisting visiting artists with presentations, operating pro audio and video equipment during events, editing of recorded events, and equipment setup and break down for all events. This person should have a strong technical understanding of audio visual equipment, including computers (mac and pc), projectors, camcorders, multi-channel audio mixers, microphones, amplifiers and speakers. In addition this person should have significant experience with related software such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, PowerPoint and Keynote. This person will be required to move equipment frequently and should be able to lift 50lbs.

Contact: Judy Clauson,,
970-923-3181 x205
The Development Intern helps facilitate the multitude of tasks associated with Annual Giving, fundraising events and other development activities. The Development Intern will assist with gift processing, mailings, and the execution of all Ranch fundraising events including Auctionettes, Recognition Dinner, Annual Art Auction and National Council events. Must be detail-oriented and well organized with strong written and verbal communication skills. Strong computer skills are required, including knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Database experience is helpful. Non-profit and/or office experience is preferred.

Contact: Bradley Walters,,
970-923-3181 x240
This position will assist the facilities manager with basic grounds maintenance and facilities. You will help with parking control, set up, break down and working various events, preparing for the summer with grounds work, and helping to maintain the beautiful landscape at the Ranch throughout the summer season. Requirements include enthusiastic attitude with sensitivity to plants, animals and people. Landscaping experience is helpful. Getting hands dirty is part of the job. Applicants must be willing and able to handle physical work including lifting, moving and digging (required).