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Internship Opportunity with Forever Young

Published March 13, 2014

F20120819_160851orever Young Tattoo is looking for interns who will do a variety of business related tasks from administrative to creative. Interns will be responsible for helping catalog art work, promotion, corresponding with art galleries and dealers, invoicing, scheduling, and communicating with clients and artists. Students will learn to analyze the artistic needs of both clients and employers and get hands on experience with selling fine art at a commercial level. Communication, organization, networking, project management and personnel skills are key traits needed for this position. A strong work ethic is required and an appreciation for art is a plus.

Interns will be required to spend 10-15 hours a week with an artist at our studio actively engaged in business and artistic related tasks.

There is an opportunity for interns to be compensated for their efforts which will be discussed upon hiring.

We want to be very clear that this is NOT an opportunity for an apprenticeship, this is strictly an internship. Students will NOT be permitted to handle any tattoo equipment, bio-hazardous waste or do any kind of physical work related to tattooing. This is strictly an artist internship to help further promote the personal medium that students are studying at FSU.

For more information, contact Shannon Young at

Requirements: A resume and an interview
Deadline: First day of drop/add