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Huisi He

Published October 9, 2017   I  Facebook  I  Littlestrike  I  Instagram  I  Youtube

Huisi He in ladder Biography

Huisi He is a New York-based and Chinese-born artist. Her primary focus is on performance art. Having had a background in journalism, Huisi He traveled to the United States in 2007 in pursuit of the freedom of speech and self-expression. She attended the Florida State University where she received her MFA in visual art with an emphasis in performance. After receiving her MFA in 2015, she moved to New York City to pursue her art career.

In the years since beginning her art practice, healing has become a central element, allowing her to let go of negative thoughts and emotions in order to embrace life. Her recent performance work is a response to this new environment and illustrates her internal struggle to balance dreams with reality. In 2016, she performed at the Bronx Museum of the Arts, Grace Exhibition Space, Panoply Performance Lab, Last Frontier NYC, Gallery Sensei, and many other performance venues in and around New York City. In 2017, she performed at the Danish Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark, Bingo Gallery in Oulu, Finland, Galleria Kuja in Helsinki, Finland, and other performance venues in Sweden, Norway, and Estonia.

 Q & A

What did you learn at FSU to get you where you are now?

Keep doing performance art even with no recognition.

What advice would you give to art students?

Yesterday, I saw John Waters’ sculpture Study Art (For Fun or Fame) at the 2017 Venice Biennale. It made me think about what my motive was to be an art student and what I got from being an artist. In the two years after I graduated from the Florida State University with a Master of Fine Arts in 2015, I have been struggling with balancing my dreams and reality in New York City. I saw so many talented artists who have been burning their passion for art for years, and fun or fame never played a major role in their lives. So, ask yourself if it is ok that you never achieve any recognition after spending all your time, energy, and money on art, that when you are struggling to survive, your friends in other fields are living with material comforts while you always have to challenge social pressures and expectations. If the answers are all yes, you will be unstoppable; otherwise, change your path before it is too late.