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Holly Hanessian in Crooked Data (Mis)Information in Contemporary Art

Published May 1, 2017

Curated by N. Elizabeth Schlatter for the University of Richmond Museum, Crooked Data exhibits artists who use work with data and data visualization in nontraditional ways. Some incorporate data from known sources, using it as an aesthetic device divorced from its originally intended interpretive function. Others gather and manifest data that might normally be considered not worthy of collecting. Lastly, some of the works explore alternatives or reveal flaws in standard data visualization practices.

“In [FSU Art Professor] Hanessian’s multi-year project, Touch in Real Time, each ceramic piece, strung along wires contrasted by a black wall, is representative of moments in time between pairs of people, connecting individuals and demonstrating the value of touch. Each was formed during a handshake shared by the artist and a participant where wet clay was pressed between their connected hands. The fired porcelain handshakes are displayed outlining gamma, theta, beta, and alpha waves from an EEG phase. During the project, brain image patterns were mapped while individuals shook hands showing how the production of oxytocin, the bonding hormone, released during the 15-20 second interaction affected the participant’s brain.” Interview by Lindsay Hamm, November 2016, for the Crooked Data website