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GEIST Art Contest

Published November 9, 2012
Labyrinth of Arts is sponsoring a series of art contests aimed at producing cover art and/or interior art for current and future e-books. NO PURCHASES ARE NECESSARY to enter and win.
BOOK TITLE: Geist of Holzteinberg Castle
GENRE: Paranormal mystery
SETTING: a castle in Münsterland, Germany
CHALLENGE: Illustrate a scene from or inspired by an excerpt from the e-book, ”Geist of Holzteinberg Castle.” Excerpt is available for free, online, at The excerpt to be illustrated may be found by clicking on the BLOG button on the navigation bar to view the post about the contest and the associated excerpt.
– $100 cash (certified check)
– Featured Artist page on website (links out to artist’s own website or blog)
– Free electronic copy of ”Geist of Holzteinberg Castle”
– 2 free t-shirts with artist’s cover picture IF t-shirts are produced
– First option to produce interior art images (each picture selected for interior art is paid for separately, in addition to cover art payment)
EXCERPT: To locate Excerpt- CLICK the BLOG button on the navigation bar (NOT the ”NEW POST” drop-down button. BLOG button will take you directly to the blog. NEW POST will take you to a blank page.)The POST on the BLOG reads: ”GEIST – ART CONTEST.” Out to the right side is a ”comment” bubble. Click the COMMENT BUBBLE – the excerpt is located there.
You DO NOT have to register to VIEW the general BLOG (BLOG button on navigation bar.)
You DO have to register to POST on the BLOG (”NEW POST” drop-down button on the navigation bar) or to upload artwork to the Fan Art page or the Graffiti Wall.
SUBMISSIONS should be e-mailed to:
ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS beginning: December 15, 2012.

Submission should be presented in black and white and/or gray-tones. Any media is acceptable so long as it may be rendered as an image file, meeting above criteria, and submitted as png, jpeg, or pdf.
QUESTIONS should be submitted to:
NOTE: questions will be monitored and answered every 24 hours)
Check CONTEST section of website