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FSU PHI KAPPA Scholarship Awards

Published January 29, 2015

Each year the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi sponsors a number of opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.

These awards include:
Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship.  Each Phi Kappa Phi chapter may nominate a student to receive one of 57 national fellowships, six for $15,000 and fifty-one at $5,000.  Students from any discipline may apply.  FSU students have been very successful in this competition, winning one of these awards in all of the past ten years.  In addition, our chapter will give the selected student a $750 local award and the student will be recognized as the chapter’s Undergraduate Scholar.  The completed application must be submitted to Honors, Scholars and Fellows House by Friday, March 6, 2015. 


Graduate Scholar Award.  This local award is designed to recognize excellence among our current graduate students.  Students may be nominated by any faculty or staff member, or by another member of the society.  The nomination procedure requires a letter of nomination by the faculty member outlining the reasons the student should be selected, a copy of the student’s resume or vita, and any other materials that the nominator wishes to be considered (abstracts, etc.).  Materials are to be submitted to Honors, Scholars and Fellows House by Friday, March 6 2015.  This award carries a stipend of $750 and recognition as the chapter’s Graduate Scholar.


Artist Award.  Because of the society’s commitment to excellence in all disciplines, the chapter also sponsors a $750 award in the creative arts.  Applicants may be undergraduate or graduate students in any of the creative disciplines.  In addition to submitting a resume or vita, applicants submit samples of their work which are judged by qualified faculty. The application deadline is also Friday, March 6, 2015.


Interested students may also find information and access to application materials at . Please contact Margaret R. Allen if you are interested or have any questions:  850-644-1841 or


For more information, download the enclosed flyers for the three awards, a Graduate Scholar Nomination Form, and an Artist Award Application: Grad.Schol Nom 2015, PKPArt Ap 2015, PKPflyers14