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FSU Office of Research hosts Stacking Layers II: A Symposium on 3D Printing

Published March 4, 2015

Last month, FSU’s Turnbull Conference Center hosted the second annual Stacking Layers Conference. The two-day event presented an exploration of 3D printing technologies and research for students, teachers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. FAR tabled the event along with other FSU organizations such as PIC (Program in Interdisciplinary Computing), the High Performance materials Institute, the Learning Systems Institute, as well as the Colleges of Fine Art, Medicine, Business, and Arts & Sciences.

FARSpeakers and subjects included

• Pete Basiliere of Gartner on 3D Print Market Trends

• Amy Elliot of Oak Ridge National Lab on Materials Development & the 3D Printed Car

• Bedrich Benes of Purdue on Software Infrastructure for 3D Printing

• Suman Das of Georgia Tech on Additive Manufacturing in Industrial and Defense Production

• Robert Mueller of NASA on Additive Construction using Basalt Regolith Fines (on the moon and Mars!)

• Wei Sun of Drexel and Tsinghua on Bio-3D Printing

The speeches of Stacking Layers II can be viewed on demand here.

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