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FSU Grant Recipient Seeking a Graphic Designer

Published August 6, 2013

FSU Grant Recipient Seeking a Graphic Designer

BLOOM (Bridging for Language Outcomes in the Classroom) is a 3-year grant that will develop a language and literacy intervention for young English language learners. The intervention will be tested and refined in authentic classrooms.  The use of Spanish bridging, packaged within rich e-book instruction, will serve as a catalyst of English word learning by providing engaging, comprehensible input utilizing children’s stronger language as a transitional venue for facilitating English language learning.

The project team is seeking to interview graphic designers who demonstrate a refined understanding of screen layout and design. Interest in learning production and non-linear software development, educational products or experience with design for children is a plus.

The graphic designer will work with scanned art, design background artwork, create navigation elements, use CSS and HTML to create web site themes, manage a web site, and art-direct a production team. The grant team will produce dozens of books and distribute the works through a web site, so this is quite a portfolio opportunity for the right person.

Project duration: mid-August (fall semester) through May, 2014.
10 hours per week at $13 per hour, stipend only.
Total number of hours (all paid positions combined) cannot exceed 20 hours per week.

Please provide a link to a portfolio that shows your potential.

Jonathan Adams
Associate Professor
College of Communication and Information