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FSU Film Production Grad Student Seeks Illustrator / Graphic Illustrator

Published May 17, 2013

imagesJohn is in the MFA Film Production program at FSU. He is currently in pre production for a film that needs some illustration/graphic design work. Specifically, he needs an artist who can design and illustrate a logo of a fictional fast food restaurant that he has called “The Cow Kingdom”. In addition he needs an artist who can design a print advertisement for a fictional milkshake called, The Candy Cream Avalanche.

The film is a broad comedy, and the tone of the artwork would be cartoonish, absurd, playful. These elements of the film are meant to poke fun at the outrageous marketing ploys of fast food restaurants – i.e. personifying the animals who the customer is about to eat (Chick fil a), and naming products after intense but dangerous natural disasters (Dairy Queen’s “Blizzard”).

This is a great opportunity for an artist who is considering a career in film production, illustration, graphic design and/or marketing.  The chosen designer will be paid $100.

If interested, please email an example of your work (John is looking for something with a cartoonish style).

For more information contact:
John Francis,