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FSU BA '16 Gabriela Fulginiti Interns with Holly Hanessian

Published October 22, 2014
FSU BA ’16 Gabriela Fulginiti Internship experience with Holly Hanessian in her words:
FSU BA '16 Gabriela Fulginiti Interns with Holly Hanessian

My first form on the new printer!

“This semester, I have continued my research project from last year as a research internship with Professor Holly Hanessian. She is the head of the Ceramics department and is interested in the intersection of digital and traditional methods of art making. Last fall, she acquired a Do-It-Yourself ceramic 3D printer from an engineer at FSU, and we spent the year learning software and printing basic forms. This year, we made our own printer from a plan developed by a British potter, Jonathan Keep. In addition, Holly invited him to Florida State to conduct a workshop on using the printer and the 3D modeling software, and to give a visiting artist lecture.

He was here this past week, and I was able to learn a lot about the 3D modeling software Blender, as well as how to use the new printer, which I will be using for the rest of the semester.
As an intern, I have largely been assembling the printer and preparing for Jonathan Keep’s visit. At the beginning of the semester, I worked on sourcing parts for the printer and making sure that they were ordered or purchased in town. Then I worked on laser cutting fiberboard to form the base and top of the printer, as well as many of the moveable parts. I assisted on putting the printer together. And as his visit drew closer, I was in charge of publicizing the workshop, communicating with the participants– several of whom were from out of town– and hospitality for the visitors. During the workshop, I spent a lot of time learning new software for the printer, including Blender, 123D Catch, and Repetier.
FSU BA '16 Gabriela Fulginiti Interns with Holly Hanessian

With Jonathan Keep and Holly Hanessian by the new Digital Ceramics area at CAB, with the printer in the background

I have enjoyed the chance to meet one of the foremost artists in this new field, and to be able to ask him all the questions I had about the ceramic 3D printing process. This internship has been valuable in so many ways. It has introduced me to artists from around the world who I would never otherwise have met, and I have been able to learn from them. I have also picked up a lot of practical construction skills. I have also exercised creative problem solving—for example, many of the parts which needed to be laser cut were not the right size or shape, and I had to figure out ways to make do. It has given me experience in a growing new field, and given me skills that will be helpful no matter what direction my life takes.”