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FSU BA '14 Frankie Ironside Interning with FSU's Department of Art

Published October 25, 2013

A poster I made for Shane Alsan’s collaborative project “What We Care For”.

I have had a great experience so far working as an intern for Carolyn Henne, Chair for the Department of Art. Once a week, Carolyn, myself, and another intern meet to hash out upcoming projects or events and create posters to advertise them. I am also responsible for keeping the News and Opportunities blog up to date. This internship has worked so well with my schedule because a lot of the work I do is at home from my laptop. Whether it is creating designs for posters or updating the blog, I am able to work on my own time schedule which has been a real blessing while trying to juggle my other classes and job.

I have already learned a great deal from working with Carolyn and the other intern. The art department is so involved with community and school events, it’s been great to be part of putting these things together. A lot of time and organization goes into these productions that I did not anticipate. Since I don’t have a set time to work on these projects, a higher level of organization has been my biggest acquired lesson during this internship. When all said and done, what im hoping to get from this experience is a feeling of accomplishment once these projects we’re doing have been exhibited in the Making Now: open for exchange show. I have never been part of a large project with well-known artists, so getting to coordinate and help seeing these projects through to the end will be fulfilling. I realize now how little involved I was with the art department before taking this position. It’s been a real eye opener for me, as a student, realizing there is more I need to be a part of besides my classes in order to feel like I am getting all that I want as an art student. Although this internship is suppose to end come the end of the semester, I plan to stay part of these projects until these are finished and continue to stay involved with the department. There is so much knowledge and creativity to be shared; working with the FSU department of art has been a life changing experience. Now, I see bigger goals in mind for my future and a better idea of what I want to do once I graduate.