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FSU Art Professor Owen Mundy and Joelle Deitrick Exhibiting at UCF's Center for Emerging Media

Published September 14, 2012
ORLANDO, FL and TALLAHASSEE, FL–(09/07/12)- Gallery 500 at the University of Central Florida’s Center For Emerging Media will host a new exhibition Packet Switching at 500 West Livingston St, opening during City Arts’ upcoming Third Thursday, September 20, and on view through October 18, 2012. 

Created by Florida-based artists, Joelle Dietrick and FSU Assistant Professor Owen Mundy, Packet Switching is an ongoing body of work that visualizes architecture as fragments affected by economic and communications systems. 

The title of the series references how contemporary communications systems break digital files into smaller manageable blocks of data called packets. Each packet is then sent through a network, taking the quickest route possible, and reassembled once they reach their destination. One JPG image, for example, might be broken into several packets, each of which may travel a different path through the net, even through different cities, before being recompiled into an exact copy of the original file.

To highlight this common process used in networked systems, the artists wrote custom software that deconstructs a 3D model’s source code and produces unique fragments. They further remixed these fragments using an original application created in Processing. The resulting images become limited edition prints, wall-sized paintings, animations, and most recently, a permanent public art installation at the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communication, opening October 19, 2012.

Using process that reflecting the way mortgages were repackaged and resold, leading to the last housing bubble and bust, and especially affecting Florida’s economy, the exhibition offers a mediative space where a visitor can consider how automated, often unseen systems affect our basic needs.

Hours W 1–4, F 10–4 

Contact Info 
Gallery 500
UCF Center For Emerging Media
500 West Livingston St.
Orlando, FL 32801

Stephanie Cafcules
Graduate Assistant
904-294-7641 (cell)

More information about the artists at:

UCF’s Center For Emerging Media, located in downtown Orlando, is home to a diverse group of teachers, learners and industry professionals collaborating in a creative environment that emphasizes high-production values, cutting-edge technologies and time-tested production techniques. 


Joelle Dietrick’s paintings, drawings, and animations explore contemporary nesting instincts and their manipulation by global economic systems. Her recent artworks and research considers housing trends that complicate relationships to place. Her work has been shown at Transitio_MX in Mexico City, TINA B Festival in Prague and Venice, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Chicago, MCA San Diego, Long March Space Beijing, ARC Gallery Chicago, Soho20 New York, and MPG Contemporary Boston. She has attended residencies at the Künstlerhaus Salzburg, Anderson Ranch, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Banff Centre for the Arts, and the School of the Visual Arts and received fellowships from the University of California, Florida State University and the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD).

Owen Mundy is an artist, designer, and programmer who investigates public space and its relationship to data. His artwork highlights inconspicuous trends and offers tools to make hackers out of everyday users. His work has been shown at Transitio_MX in Mexico City, the California Center for the Arts in Escondido, CA, Compactspace in Los Angeles, Golden Thread Gallery in Belfast, the Sarai Media Lab in New Dehli, Bauer&Ewald Gallery in Berlin, and APEXART, Flux Factory, and Art Currents Gallery, in New York. He is the recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship from the State of Indiana, a Planning Grant from Florida State University, a Center for Humanities Fellowship and San Diego Fellowship from University of California, San Diego, and a DAAD Arts Study Fellowship. He has an MFA in Visual Art from the University of California, San Diego and is an Assistant Professor of Art at Florida State University.