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FSU Art Professor Judy Rushin in Residence at FAR

Published June 3, 2013

Visiting artist Judy Rushin arrived at the Facility for Arts Research (FAR) May 28, 2013 to begin work on her project Variance/Invariance (working title). The project will include production of 6 sets of modular paintings that will be boxed and shipped to participants across the country, an edition of miniature modular sets, and a free paper version downloadable from her website. Each full sized set will include paintings in an array of sizes, an instruction manual produced at FAR’s Small Craft Advisory Press, and hardware for assembly. Participants will assemble the paintings into varying compositions, document them, and ship them back to Rushin. In the Spring (2014) the paintings, documentation, and shipping materials will reconvene in Tallahassee, FL and in Washington, DC to display the works’ journey. According to Rushin, “the project’s aim is to locate the context of my work more specifically in the realm of topography, thinking of the works as ‘things-in-motion’ rather than inert artifacts.”

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