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FSU Art Professor John Mann at Hyeres Festival of Fashion and Photography

Published May 31, 2013

John Mann Pack ICEFSU Art Professor, John Mann, showed new photographic work at the Villa Noailles during the Hyeres Festival of Fashion and Photography.  The festival was held in Hyeres, France running from April 26- May 26, 2013.

John Mann participated in a large exhibition in Hyeres, France where he was able to meet with European curators, gallerists, writers, and photographers from the international community.  This month-long exhibition, with a five day Hyeres festival, consisted of ten international photographers, two of which were from the United States.

Mann exhibited ten black and white works of art in the Hyeres festival that provided abstractions and intense contrast using optical confusion (an effect of an image initially appearing to be one thing, but then morphing into something else).  Mann’s work considers the intense light seen by the very first Arctic explorers.  He examined how the explorers must have encountered the horizon, which blended into the sky or was completely shrouded by darkness.  His personal challenge in developing these works centered on imaging the effects and developing the images photographically without having visited the Antarctic region.  His works focus on how the person would feel in this situation, not on what the region looks like.

Please visit the Hyeres Festival website for more information on this event. For the full story on John Mann and his exhibit with this festival, visit the Department of Art News Blog.