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FSU Art Prof Carrie Ann Baade: Spring/Summer Newsletter

Published May 29, 2013



Greetings all!

As of spring 2013 I am *officially* an Associate Professor of Art at the Florida State University! Many
thanks go out to Florida State’s Department of Art, the Florida State University as a whole, and to all
other individuals who helped make this dream become a reality for me. In other big news: I HAVE

My work continues to be featured in shows locally, nationally, and internationally:
This week Generations opens at Florida State Musuem of Art, this show will feature my work alongside my
former student, Jim Graham. Dreams and Divinities is an on going traveling exhibition that just opened last
week in Granada, Spain at the Instituto de Santa Fe. This June, I will be teaching drawing through
FSU’s international studies program in London! Shortly after the summer session ends, I will be traveling to
Paris for the opening of Trio Dreamers which opens in Paris July 6th.

Labor Day weekend, I will be at DRAGON*CON!! Taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, I will be both a
“Featured Artist” and one of three jurors at the Art Show. Come and join me at this one-of-a-kind
science fiction, fantasy and pop-culture convention running August 30th – September 2nd. The group
show Sevene Veils of Descent opens on September 14th at Varnish gallery in San Francisco, California.

Finally, the debut of my most ambitious works to date: “Allegory of Good Government” and
“Allegory of Bad Government” will be on exhibit starting in September at Tallahassee’s City Hall.
This exhibit hosted through COCA will also feature work by M. Steinman Arendsee and James Mazza.
Lastly, the 4th Annual beinArt Collective group exhibition will be held at CorproGallery in
Santa Monica, CA this coming November.

That’s all for now, my dear readers! For fun, here is an interview I did for the Beautiful People Project.

Much love and positive thoughts during your 2013,



W H A T ‘ S  N E W ( S ) ?



MAY 10 – JULY 12 : Reception at FSU MoFA, Friday, May 24, 6:30-8 PM

Works in this exhibition trace artistic legacy – from family member to family member, from teacher to student, from the 1st generation of an art movement to the 2nd  generation, and from a specific culture (Native American, for example) to the culture at large.

Generations includes international artists like Maya Lin (creator of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC) and her ceramicist father, Henry Lin, or Prefete Duffaut (a top Haitian aritst who died earlier this year) and his son Jean Charles, to regional artists like second generation Highwayman, Aletha Butler, the recipient of the techniques of the first generation of Highwaymen, painters like James Gibson.  The exhibition includes works by 41 artists.



Dreams and Divinities

May 18 – June 2
Instituto ur69_Shakti300dpicopy_2-1ur69_museumSHORTbanner_2de Santa Fe, Grenanda, Spain
Instituto de America

Through a series of books and exhibits, Dreams & Divinities offers
the public a window into an emerging planetary movement of ‘Conscious Art’

The projects unite a culturally eclectic group of artists and poets, each with our unique dream of this experience, yet united through artistic collaboration and community. The quest and expression of Universal Love is a central unifying theme for the books and exhibits. Diversity in Oneness is a beautiful thing.

Books/exhibit themes are inspired by cultural/spiritual references, nature, visions, dreams or fantasy.
The principal visual styles showcased in the project are Visionary, Surrealist and Fantastic.

Community building through collaborative projects and conferences is a central part of Dreams and Divinities. It offers an opportunity for artists with resonant dreams to find each other, to be inspired by each other and to unfold our best potential as a global movement.

Of Dreamers

ur69_Diviningthedream21024x906_2-1July 6 – 19

A group show with Liba W. Stambollion, Gromyko Semper and Steven Kenny

Espace culturel Mompezat
Société des Poètes Françaises
16, rue Monsieur le Prince
75006 Paris


Dragon*Con is one of the largest annual Science Fiction and Fantasy theme conventions in the world with an attendance of over 52,000 people.

The Dragon*Con Art Show is a very large and diverse event. Thousands of art buyers from around the country and around the world come to the Show every year to buy the great works exhibited. It is a very active, exciting Venue with dynamic programming which gives the participating Artist a high potential for large sales. We believe art is all about capturing new ideas in one form or another and showing the world the awesome creativity within these works.

The Art Show, Artist’s Bazaar, Art Gallery and Print Shop section will be located in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Grand Hall West on the Exhibition Level.

The Dragon*Con Art Show will again be located in the Grand Hall West of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel. The Comics and Pop Artists Alley is located right next door to us in the Grand Hall East allowing for an effective cross pollination of art ideas, artwork, and art programming. We believe that having much of the original artwork, artist guests, and art programming for the Convention located together in one area will be highly beneficial to both the artists and convention attendees alike.
The Art Show is open daily during regular exhibit hours: Friday 1pm-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-8pm, and Monday 10am-4pm. There will be daily art demonstrations and most pieces in the Art Gallery are available for bid sale. Items in the Print Shop are available for immediate sale.

Awards will be given for the best art in the show. Please vote for your favorites!




“Seven Veils of Descent” features artwork centered
on the sur69_46205101511513343672911083754178n_2ubject of women in
all their guises, particularly
sexy and mysterious.

16 Jessie Street, #C120
San Francisco, CA 94105

Line up includes:
Naoto Hattori
Carrie Ann Baade
Jenn Porreca
Heidi Taillefer
Nate Van Dyke
John Wentz
& more TBA

An exhibition through COCA
Council on Culture and Arts

Carrie Ann Baade, MANDEM and James Mazza

On display from Sept 17 – Nov 5

City Hall Art Gallery
300 South Adams Street
Tallahassee, FL
I am currently working on: Allegory of Good Government and
Allegory of Bad Government. These paintings are influenc
ed by Lorenzetti’s 14th c. mural cycle in Sienna by the same name. I find these to be explorations of both external and internal states of consciousness. Commissioned for their city hall, these paintings served as a constant reminder to, “remain just leaders by showing comprehensive cause-and-effect situations of corrupt, tyrannical governing in comparison to those of virtuous governing.” In the fresco cycle, Lorenzetti expresses the idea that the cause of peace lays not only from the effects of good government, but also from the citizens acting in, “accordance with the temporal and astral force that governs” them.

Allegory of Good Government:
This painting represents the reincarnation of a world. Thomas Jefferson said: “Every generation needs a revolution.” I think this is also required every decade or so, of each of us, internally, as humans. To rebirth, renew, and reclaim…there must be something sacrificed and burned away. This shedding may feel like death– by letting go and embracing the new. It takes courage and faith, yet I am a true believer in the process.

Allegory of Bad Government:
 This painting resembles Alice and Wonderland on acid…which is sort-of-fun. If you allow unchecked thoughts to run amok it’s easy to be your own worst enemy. Demons can be real. A little obsessive-compulsive one can be useful as you can motivate yourself by, “not being good enough” to clean the house and get straight A’s. Beating yourself up may create a high achiever; no one would fault a demon who was so productive and made you successful: that’s helpful, right? Wrong. Though repeated negative thoughts and actions, the golem builds strength, and may discover where you keep the alcohol, or where you keep the all you can eat buffet of fear and self doubt…but you will pay for it later. Whether you can see them or not, I am sure you can agree with idea that turning your own energy against yourself can eventually tear you apart. My version of Allegory of Bad Government reflects a mind in a highly developed state of illness. Everyone is there to perform a duty, but instead of anything productive being done, their monstrous personality defects are going to create drama and destroy everything. I interpreted Tyranny, Rage, Self-Indulgence or Tristitia, Pride or Hubris, and Vainglory, which I like to say is the Masturbator– who is the futile person that pretends to participate but is really jacking off under the table to tune of their narcissism. I picked these to represent a spectrum of identities I have observed in governance. This will be fun to paint if I don’t go insane.

S P E C I A L  T H A N K S  T O :

for taking such beautiful portraits of me.

As always, thank you for reading and
for your continual support of the arts.

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