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Home » News » FSU Art MFA Craig Ryan Nominated: 2013 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award

FSU Art MFA Craig Ryan Nominated: 2013 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award

Published April 16, 2013
Craig Ryan’s Artist Statement:
Identity and sexuality are at the forefront of my visual research. Currently I am probing how the body has changed in regard to technology through mediated presence. My work serves as a metaphor for the loss of connection that that individuals experience through augmented human interaction and nature.  Through the exploration of this simultaneous connection and disconnection, I present these issues to a broader audience in a form of social critique, specifically related to a cultural integration of the synthetic into natural.
In Poke, 81 cast human fingers are arranged on an individual tile. This unit has been reproduced to replicated larger surface. Made of urethane rubber, these fingers have the tactility of flesh, but are lifeless. The emphasis of this work is touch. Nature has been mediated by technology. I view the physical sensory experience of running one’s own fingers through a bed of synthetic imitators as an inviting illustration of our reality. The loss of a connection is brought about by the contrast between material and form. This narrative may evoke ideas about a disconnection from our environment—both natural and social. This experience may evoke larger narratives such as overpopulation and the use of genetically modified foods needed to sustain population. In genetic engineering, DNA splicing between different species is standard. The result in identity also presents an questions worth investigating: what is this new object, what exists, and what has been lost?
Accidents Happen, is a threaded orifice functioning as a wall outlet. It is a static sculpture frozen in time at the moment of incontinence. This piece explores potential failures as our generation begins to develop alternative resources and bio technologies. This installed piece, is off to the side not drawing attention as a normal show piece would. Architecture plays a large role in location of this object.accidentshappen_craigryan_web