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Home » News » FSU Art MFA ’17 Kathleen Saunders’ Exhibition in New Orleans Opens August 13th at The Front

FSU Art MFA ’17 Kathleen Saunders’ Exhibition in New Orleans Opens August 13th at The Front

Published August 11, 2016

Kathleen Saunders’ exhibition, A Quietness Distilled, will open at The Front in New Orleans on August 13th as a satellite exhibition to Dirty Linen Night. The show will include an installation of 20 photographs. In her statement, Kathleen writes:

“I photograph quiet moments and unconventional beauties experienced both in the varying landscapes of my travels and in my interactions with loved ones. In A Quietness Distilled, I find comfort in life’s pauses… the stillness between breaths, the commas between phrases. And in a world inundated by loud imagery, social media pressures, and physical violence, I hope my work can encourage others to feel less alone in the often-isolating search for balance and satisfaction.”

The Front, an artist-run collective and not-for-profit gallery, fosters the development of contemporary art in the city of New Orleans through innovative exhibitions, lectures, screenings, performances, and other arts programming, all of which are free and open to the public. Founded by artists in 2008 amidst the post-Katrina resurgence of New Orleans and committed to a spirit of grassroots DIY determinism, The Front cultivates new and experimental work, in particular from emerging artists, but also from nationally and internationally known artists. Kathleen Saunders is considered a visiting artist to the collective for this exhibition.

The exhibition will run from August 13 – September 4, 2016. The opening is August 13 6-10pm at The Front.