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FSU Art MFA ’14 Samantha Burns: Studio Visit with Daniela Krachtt

Published September 30, 2013
As a part of a trip to New York, with her class of 3rd year MFA candidates, Samantha Burns had the opportunity to have a studio visit with the up-and-coming, abstract painter, Daniela Krachtt.Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 10.44.25 PM

While visiting, Krachtt was preparing work for the group show, “Velvet Lens” curated by BB.Contemporary Art. In her

preparation for this show, Burns was fortunate enough to see her working in different parts of her process and was able to discuss her techniques as well as her experiences as a working artist.

Throughout the visit, she expressed the importance of experimenting and following a path that excites the artist as much as itdoes the viewer. Krachtt shared her experience in moving from figurative work to her new style of abstraction. This step into abstraction came from her experimentation with the medium of oil paint and pushing it to its limits using both additive and subtractive techniques. While her works looks as though white paint and color are being added, the white, as the artist revealed, is actually created from her process of wiping away the initial layer of paints she lays down.

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 10.15.19 PMWhen looking at the paintings first hand, it is amazing to see the dimensionality of the work and really see how little paint goes into the creation of the final piece. Through a unique layering and manipulation of the initial layer of oil paints that are laid down, the creation of the main work area is formed. Krachtt discussed how within her process she works in an intuitive sense, later coming into the work to place in points of interest. Finding these points and areas to bring out, Krachtt uses her imagination toimply the subtle landscapes she finds within the work.

Near the end of the visit, Daniela discussed new directions she saw herself headed in and expressed excitement in being able to expand her the exploration of her artistic process. When leaving the studio, Krachtt brought up the importance of following your own artistic voice and staying passionate about your own work. Daniela Krachtt’s work is beautifully made and the passion she has for her medium is apparent in both her work and her discussions about it. Overall, this studio visit was a pleasant reminder of how working hard, experimenting with materials, and being driven to understand your evolving artistic practice is a good foundation for a strong artistic career.

To see more of her work and the different series she is working on visit her website