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FSU Art MFA '14 Craig Ryan Learning to Network in NYC

Published October 5, 2013

This September, my Third year Professional Practices led by Carrie Ann Baade visited New York City. I quickly discovered that the city offered many venues to network and uncover opportunities in unexpected places. Having a small opening in our itinerary, our class visited the near by Museum of Sex. The entrance served as a retail space with a cafe in the back. Welcomed by a space decorated with bright colors and sensual materials in the oddest of shapes, I was amazed to see fine art! One artist who particularly stuck out was Dennis Stuckenbrock, whose work had very similar features to my own.

Carrie-photoAlthough the similarity was recognized by myself and peers, it was Carrie Ann who introduced me to staff. She showed me how aggressive one must be when opportunities arise. I received a great response from the staff member. He then introduced me to other members of his team where we went through my website looking at other pieces of work such as the “FleshBook,” a cast silicone computer. Before we parted he gave me the contact info for the Curator of the museum and Retail Manager, and mentioned a possible future purchase. I have been in contact and eagerly await a reply. The experience was encouraging nonetheless!
Inside the museum was the exhibition Universe of Desire. It was a show based around how the overlap between digital technology and sexuality have contributed to the largest sexual record to date. Although these methods of the Type, Swipe, Search, Upload, Download, Post, and Stream are personal experiences, they serve as a collective experience for our generation. The show investigated what we are searching for, how we do it, and what we leave behind on those electronic devices.animals
On another level was the work of Rune Olsen with life size sculptures made of masking tape that aid the visual concepts of The Sex Lives of Animals. The museum states that, “The Museum of Sex specifically commissioned these pieces due to the artist’s ability to convey the intensity and urgency of instinctual behavior that is both arousing and transformative.” This was Olsen’s first American Museum show that has now become part of the permanent collection. The opportunity presented by the Museum, had a profound affect on Olsen’s career, validating the belief that anything can happen in NYC.

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