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FSU Art MFA ’12 Hunter Jonakin On Artsology

Published July 24, 2013

[quote]I recently happened upon the website of artist Hunter Jonakin, a multimedia artist living in Minneapolis. We first encountered Jonakin a couple years ago, when he released his conceptual art piece via video game called “Jeff Koons Must Die,” in which the viewer navigates a virtual environment in order to “destroy” work by the artist Jeff Koons. But this time, we’re enjoying another one of Jonakin’s projects, titled “Forced Meme: Meme-A-Day,” in which he created an internet meme every day for one year. Here’s four of our favorites, clockwise from top left: “Beuys in the hood,” from the collection titled “Artist Crits;” next we have “Photo of Another Photo: Art!” from the collection titled “Now, that’s Art;” then we have “Odd Nerdrum,” from the collection titled “Names I Like;” and lastly, “Needs More Dots,” from the collection “Art Tips.”

You can see the full collection here. In case you’re wondering who the wigged dude is, the artist explains: “it’s a portrait of Lord Pomp, which is a pseudonym and imagery that I have used for past projects.”[/quote]