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FSU Art Majors Featured in the Undergraduate Research Showcase

Published October 25, 2013

Six of the 34 recipients of the Undergraduate Research Excellence awards were representatives of the Department of Art. The showcase is the culmination of the Summer Research Award experience, which is co-sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research ad the Office of National Fellowships.  The projects demonstrate the University’s mission of nurturing independent thinkers, who are learning to create solutions that enrich both our campus and our larger communities. To see more of the award recipients, visit the Undergraduate Research Excellence page at The presentation videos for Isabella Steel, Lee Anne Steers, and Lena Weissbrot can be viewed at

Bridging the Gap


Lee Anne Steers, in conjunction with Katrina Cranshaw from the Department of Anthropology, explored education within the community of Pamohi village and the Parijat Academy in Assam, India.  During this project, the two students

examined how to use both art and anthropology to research and comment on social issues like social inequality, education, and the caps formed by different languages, cultures, and social class.

“It’s Not Gay if They Don’t Touch”: Challenging Heteronormative Empire and Countering the ‘Closeting of History’ Through Art

thumbnail-1Isabella Steel explores the “closeting of history”, referring to the evidence that suggests that gay or bisexual behavior is omitted from the narratives of important historical figures.  To counter this phenomenon, Steel places historical figures and popular characters in situations that complicate their sexuality and removing the heterosexual confinement. These images make people question what makes them uncomfortable and whether their discomfort is truly warranted.

Maybe She Likes It: A Webcomic Exploring Internet Technology, Evolution and Gender Equiality

thumbnail-2Lena Weissbrot examines the voice of the Millennial as the first generation to grow up with the internet during adolescence and to experience aberrant content previously unavailable in print and other mass media forms such as child pornography, bestiality, real-rape and snuff. Through her web comic, which tells a surreal story of a girl’s development with this exposure, Weissbrot hopes that this experience enables people to see past the social construct as gender and to stop imposing double standards on both men and women.

We Da Ppl: A Pilgrimage of the Jaded Young America

Morgan Hamilton explores the concept of the problem faced by the United States today: how we have deified the founding fathers of America and elevated them to the status of demigod.  His photowork elevates the individual American, the common man and woman who is the true founder, yet whose opinion is never asked for.  Through his research, Hamilton visited Federal and artistic museums to understand and embody the time period and incorporate these aspects into sewn uniforms with a personal twist.

The Sunrise Cube – Sharing Light

Chase Jones set a goal in October 2011 to watch the sunrise everyday with at least 200 different companions.  The Sunrise Cube is a collaboration art piece that revolves around the transition of darkness to light.  This sculpture and dance performance is an experience that focuses on the importance of the Sunrise. Light is Universal, Personal, and is connected to pure Love.  The Sunrise Cube toured Florida for a summer and revealed that everyone has light.

The Equilibrium Series Summer Research Project

Mary Williams focuses on the entire concept of the Masculine and Feminine energies within the Christian belief system.  Using the Hindu triumvirate of the Creator, the Preserver, and the Destroyer, Williams created a series of three paintings that embodies each of these ideas. Williams’ work focuses on creating a balance between internal and external forces.  As an artist, Williams constantly searches for the counterbalances to each force in life.