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FSU Art Major Shanice Holt’s Internship with Red Hills Torchlight Program

Published March 14, 2013

This semester I am interning for the Torchlight Program. Essentially what I do is market to everyday people on social medias such as Facebook and Twitter. The things I promote are films that are coming out. Before promoting the films on Twitter and Facebook we screen the films at the film school. There are all types of genres that we watch. The internship is pretty flexible about schedule, and it is a fun and relaxing environment. This internship is a very interesting one, and I have learned a lot about how to market to people.
The internship was not what I thought it would be when I originally expressed interest, but I have definitely enjoyed my time here. Marketing and promotion are not really things that I am good at, however I was trained on the best ways to market to audiences. This made it easier, and I enjoyed it. The people that I work with are understanding and friendly. It is never a dull moment when I come in to work, and I have never had a more delightful time promoting the movies that I have seen. I personally enjoy watching the films the most because they are completely different from what I would go tot the movie theater and watch, but they are really good films. My favorite film would have to be a tie between The Invisible War and Tattoo Nation. They are at two completely different types of films but both are incredibly good films.
I would recommend this to other students because it is a fun way to learn marketing, and you get to see many different films if you are a film junkie. Another benefit of this internship is the experience of working with a real company promoting films that are actually seen on the big screen.