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FSU Art Major Melissa Oglesby’s Internship at Loli and the Bean

Published March 12, 2013

Melissa Oglesby has been interning at Loli&theBean since January. It has become a huge learning process on not only how to deal with others opinions in the design formation but also in deadlines. Melissa has loved the opportunity that has been given to her, and hopes to continue working there after graduation.
Melissa Oglesby is in charge of the stores advertisements, in store printed display and social media. She will soon be creating and designing a blog for the store to easily connect with their customers. The store has prepared Melissa for a wide range of opportunities to learn new software and techniques that were not offered through courses at Florida State University. She has also attended multiple different seminars and crash course teachings on different software’s and processes. The mandates and deadlines also were a new concept and taught Melissa how to use her time wisely and map out projects.
The focus in digital and online advertisements has pushed Melissa to work in a different manner that what was traditionally taught in school. She learned how to photograph quality and useful images, combining them with quick and compelling statements and styling them towards your directed audience. This proposed many challenges for Melissa initially but was a great eye opener to the world of graphic advertising. Not only has Melissa made great connections and friends, she has also gained the acceptance of criticism. Learning what works in advertising and working for different people with different taste gave Melissa a new perspective on how to accept criticism.
The internship was an amazing and productive experience. Florida State University’s art program prepared Melissa very well for this experience, but nothing can prepare you for the real world and clients. Melissa would highly suggest art students that are considering an internship to get involved with a business or artist in something your interested in because it has been the best experience in her college career so far.