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FSU Art Major Kirah Wiggins’ Public Art Internship

Published April 24, 2013
FSU Art Major Kirah Wiggins’ Public Art Internship
This semester I had the opportunity to work with Professor Rob Duarte on a public art internship. During the internship I was able to learn about different technology being used for digital media artwork and how it can be correlated to Public Art. By learning about the different innovations being used, we were able to come up with the idea of producing a new locker gallery for the Fine Arts Building. The purpose of this locker gallery is to focus on artwork by students that are time based—such as performance pieces, animation and video art. Allowing works that requires sound and video output a place to be showcased.
I was given the task of researching the products best suited for the locker gallery. Some of my responsibilities include researching the different types of small microcomputers and other technical equipment that would be used for the final product. I also got to do some soldering of wires and other electronics. The most difficult part what trying to find a way to power the monitor, small microcomputer, and small motors for the inside of the locker. Thankfully we found a solution for this issue and were able to move one step closer to finishing the gallery.
This internship has helped me greatly as an artist who is interested in the role that digital media can play in a final art piece. It has also given me a better understanding of how to incorporate high and low-tech artwork together. Working with Rob showed me the importance of communicating with others and how researching a project can be the most essential part. The final product of all the research and hard work should be set up shortly on the 3rd floor of the FSU Fine Arts Building.