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FSU Art Major Chelsea Davis BA '13 Interning at the Torchlight Program

Published July 1, 2013

In my day-to-day work I help contribute advertise documentaries through a number of different social media. All of my colleagues and I work four hours each day of the week, except weekends, on our computers and help our both professor and boss. We think of him this way to Photo-on-5-24-13-at-12.16-PMcreate a job atmosphere but it is still for class credit but it’s been well so far. I don’t mind the work we do and I hope to use what I learn here to help me out in the future. I was able to get some work done with some of the film students that my Professor/Boss teaches and lets say that that was an experience well learned. I definitely learned that time managing is a big key in the business world but just managing the workload overall with life is a big point to understand. This type of time managing with work is way different from the work and dedication on the basketball court but it’s nice to actually have ‘working experience’ as a student-athlete.

Even so, what I have learned so far is nothing compared to what I will be learning in the near future because there are more and more opportunities the longer I stay and help with the Torchlight Program. I want to help explain my picture a bit because this technically is my ‘first job’. That is if you don’t believe that sports are a real job. I was shocked in both the work and the amount that we did. It’s not bad at all but it gives me a better idea of what a job is like in the real world or in other words, working world. At the same time as it is being demanding; it is enjoyable to be around colleagues in the same but slightly different boat.

Overall, as a Graphic Designer and major, I hope to build a bigger and better portfolio as well as get a better understanding of running a business and teaching. I do like to do all of those things so the Torchlight Program is the greatest place to be when it comes to this. That is the reason why I became a graphic designer and decided to work with the Torchlight Program.