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FSU Art Major Carlos Cribeiro BA '14 Interning at Telemundo Media

Published June 27, 2013

First day of work

Telemundo Media. A brand you may or may not be familiar with but is quickly becoming a larger component of the Television and Entertainment Industry. A subsidiary of NBC Universal, Telemundo’s headquarters is located in Hialeah, Florida and is the 2nd largest Hispanic TV Network in the United States that features news, original soap operas, and prime time programming such as La Voz Kids (The Voice Kids). I have been fortunate enough to intern at this awesome network for the last 2 summers under the Emma Bowen Foundation, which gives minority students a chance to intern in the Media Industry throughout their college career.

During the summer of 2011, I was a Visual Effects artist for Telemundo Studios (the soap opera division) where I would assist the editors on a daily basis by creating visual effects using software like Photoshop and After Effects. During the summer of 2012, I was a graphic artist for the Telemundo Network (News division) and worked on creating graphics and animations for the various news shows and for the 2012 London Olympics, which meant double shifts for almost 2 weeks. This summer however, I am in the Promotions Department where I produce promos for our popular soap operas and work with various departments in creating these commercials to entice our viewers to watch every day. Serving as sort of an “art director” I sit with the editors and artists and give them my vision for each promo and make sure that my vision comes to reality.

Though I am starting to become more involved in that process, I originally started by helping to produce some of the Twitter campaigns that come on air and working across departments to get all of the footage and art to come together. With a new soap opera on the way, I am preparing to take a larger role in developing promos by developing my own ideas for promos, working with production teams when they shoot promos, and seeing the whole process of a new show being created.


One of the sets of our shows

With my heart focused in Film and Media Production, this internship has opened big doors for me and in the long run I plan on working here once I graduate. Having toured various departments (and more in the future) my reputation has grown and I have been recommended for this position and others in the future. With my visuals skills growing and maturing from direct experience, I now have the ability to direct others and be in charge of my own projects. This internship experience has taught me so much in terms of producing, writing, designing, etc. that I am excited to see what else I can learn as my internship ends in mid-August and with one more summer to intern here, next year. Working here may mean 40+ hours a week and difficult times, but it’s giving me a chance to in achieving my goals of being a film maker. Artists, designers, and film makers alike, should try looking into the TV industry.

NOTE: I would feature more interesting pictures but a lot of the work I do now is still confidential.

If anyone is interested in seeing snippets of what I have done you can check out:

If anyone has any questions regarding my internship or wants more information about the TV industry, you can email me at