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FSU Art Major Brandon Gould BA '13 Interning with Copy Systems

Published June 28, 2013

Copy Systems is a great workplace for a designer like myself. The work is challenging yet simple enough to understand and crank out designs quickly. I work with the customers as well as the staff to create products that will satisfy the needs of the customers. My work consists of business card design, letterhead, envelope, logo, and sign work. I have a lot of freedom with some designs and not a lot with others. Some copysystemsclients have very specific specifications for their designs including color, size, fonts, and layout which makes the work go quickly, but with others they have almost no idea what they want which gives me freedom to come up with a concept that I think fits their business. These designs tend to inspire the client in one direction or the other. Sometimes they love it and it only needs a few tweaks to make the final product, but every once in a while my design shows them exactly what they don’t want. Either way, creating the initial concept of these pieces is a major step towards finishing the product. Finishing these products in a quick turn around time is probably one of the most important aspects of the job. Clients who come into Copy Systems are looking to receive their products in anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks time. The staff e-mails me a copy of the work order and I either send a proof of my design back to Copy Systems so they can show the client in person or more often, I directly e-mail the client from then on until I have an approved design. Once the client approves my design, I either give the file to the staff or finalize the order myself online. Communication is a big part of these steps especially with me working online. I need specific due dates if clients have deadlines and I also need to know if clients need changes on a design if I sent it back to the shop. There have only been a few of these communication errors, but most of the time, Ms. Vickie stays on top of the work load that I have and keeps on constant contact to make sure we’re on schedule. Teamwork is also a key part of the job, if a client doesn’t like my style we have another designer on staff who may have a style they will like and vice versa. Overall the experience is great so far, I’m learning a huge variety of different product designs, and I’m pushing my creativity out of box to make new and interesting visual works of art for each new client.