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Home » News » FSU Art Major Ashley Chandler in You're Allowed to Fail at Lichgate

FSU Art Major Ashley Chandler in You're Allowed to Fail at Lichgate

Published March 24, 2014

FSU Art Major Ashley Chandler in You’re Allowed to Fail at Lichgate

Viewing of Ashley Chandler’s sculptural installation titled “You’re Allowed to Fail” is taking place over the next week or so at Lichgate on High Road in Tallahassee.
The premise surrounding the sculpture is a documentation of “regrets” or “wishes” of people in the community highlighting where (or what) one would do “if they could go back”. Viewers take a journey through the labyrinth at Lichgate to find a time machine located in the center where they may write their own.
Daytime viewers can enjoy the general serenity of the surrounding garden. Viewers at dusk will see the sculpture with accompanying lights.

Accompanying Artist Statement:
“In life we fail. It’s unavoidable and oftentimes painstaking. With every exposure of our thoughts or our pride or our hearts pieces of our souls are chipped away. Sometimes these pieces of us are embraced while others are discarded.
But it is through failure, the cuts, the ground-down edges and the glue that binds us back, that we transform into something, someone, who we would never have become on our own.
It’s a mysterious and beautiful process. One that is sprinkled with wondrous moments we learn to treasure.
Failures shouldn’t be forgotten nor should they be dwelled upon with lament. Failures make us beautiful.
You’re allowed to fail.”
Date:  Beginning  March 19, 2014 – dawn to dusk
Location: Lichgate.1401 High Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32304
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