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FSU Art in Action student mural and sensory boards at Gretchen Everhart

Published April 18, 2011

FSU Art in Action student mural  and sensory boards at Gretchen Everhart

Gretchen Everhart School is part of the Leon County, Florida School system and serves students with intellectual disabilities ages 3-22 years of age.  The school started by concerned parents as the Candle of Hope School during the late 1960s and relocated in 1972 to its current location on Mission Road.  Today the school accommodates approximately 250 students with severe to moderate mental handicaps.  All students at the school in grades K – 12th have cognitive deficits and special needs which are addressed in Individual Education Plans for each student.  The school serves students from Leon County and the surrounding counties of Gadsden, Jefferson, Taylor, Wakulla, Liberty, and Franklin whose needs can’t be successfully met in a traditional school setting.
Originally FSU’s Art in Action class had planned a garden.  While there, Terri Lindbloom and her students realized via talking with the administration and faculty that doing a mural in the Sensory Room was what they really wanted us to do!  So, with the kind help and encouragement from the teacher Jeannie Barrett (who originally created the Sensory Room via a state grant) and the enthusiasm of her students  – the Art in Action students began the process.  It was decided that some of the students would work on the mural and some would work on the sensory boards.  They created drawings to present to Jeannie Barrett and her assistants as well the principal  for approval and once that was done – they began working on both ideas.  Gretchen Everhart closed the Sensory Room for approximately 3 weeks for the Art in Action students to work on the mural and the sensory boards were removed and were worked on back at the school in the sculpture lab.

Intervention 2:  Community Engagement – Non-profit collaboration

We will work together collaboratively on a larger project with a non-profit organization in Tallahassee. After hearing various presentations from the local non-profits, we will make a decision as to who to work with. Then we will invite that organization back to collaboratively discuss the various ideas for projects.

The students who worked on both the mural and sensory boards:

Rachel Alford

Krysta Cafeo

Trent Carnathan

Sergio Castro

Zach Despiegler

Kirsen Jaskela

Coral Schieve

Bryon Starr

Dana Williams