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FSU Art Faculty Anne Stagg in Constructing Culture

Published May 14, 2014
Constructing Culture: Paintings by Anne StaggMay 7 – June 30, 2014

City Hall Gallery | 300 South Adams Street | Tallahassee, Florida
Hours | Monday-Friday 8 am-5:30 pm

Through her artwork, Anne Stagg explores identity and how individuals fit into the larger context of our surroundings and culture. Her abstract paintings invite us to contemplate what it means to be neighbors, global citizens, and multicultural beings. On display in the City Hall Gallery is a sampling of artwork from two series: [re]present and Unintended Consequences.

In the Unintended Consequences series, Stagg focuses on the connections individuals have to our surrounding community and further examines our role in social governance. She explores topics including education, equality, environmental responsibility, reproductive and civil rights, access to clean water, and economic reform. For inspiration, she gathers news from a host of sources and considers her own convictions as an active citizen. The resulting paintings contain a barrage of visual information, competing perspectives and social tensions.

The [re]present series delves into issues that revolve around “belonging” and focuses on both the geographic and psychological components of our connection to others. This body of work began after considering how to support her adopted son (knowing very little about the ethnicity of his biological parents) in discovering his own cultural identity. She began to reach out to others to discover what aspects of their lives are most important in their idea of self-identify and then responded to these conversations by creating imagery from the various topics discussed: occupation, hobbies, beliefs, cultural identity, environment, etc. Each conversation inspired a painting and the paintings ideally should be viewed in groups, like individuals in a community. This work is about the intersection of culture, identity and space. The paintings explore different examples of identity while celebrating our complexities and diversity.




Unintended Consequences