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FSU Art BFA Lena Weissbrot’s Summer 2014 Internship: Creating Graphics and Raps

Published July 1, 2014

Examples of in-progress graphics works from Lena’s internship

As told by Lena: I discovered my internship with Ethnikids (an independent graphics, photography, video and music production company; currently in the process of chaining their name/re-branding) after being told by various friends and acquaintances that I should contact them because I was looking for better production quality for the rap songs I had been creating as a part of my art practice. Upon contacting Adam Taylor, one of the founders of Ethnikids, I discovered that they were undergoing a process of re-branding their company and needed a new logo and graphics for their upcoming website, which is also a field I am competent in but would like to gain more professional experience. So we agreed that I would create graphics for their web page in exchange for beats and production of songs that I would write and perform.
So far I have worked with producer RAY to build beats from scratch; recorded vocals over the beats and am currently learning about the mastering process. Never before have I been a part of the music production process from step 1, because I am usually just involved in writing lyrics. Through this experience I have learned how communicate effectively with producers about what kind of sound suits my lyrics and vocals. At the end of the internship I hope to have at least 3 complete songs.
Additionally, I have created several drafts of a logo and a corresponding header through the internship. Because I am from an art background I have never created a logo that actually would end up being used. This is also my first time working with a team of people and brainstorming ideas for graphics. I also created album artwork for an artist affiliated with Ethnikids; Paperwater. None of the images included in this post are finalized, but are in progress and being revised.
For the rest of the internship I will be designing graphics for T-shirts, creating and recording at least two more songs, which I will then create music videos for through the internship. I am going to learn technical aspects of photography/lighting/cinematography through this experience. After we have shot some footage, I will be learning how to use AfterEffects and Adobe Premiere to edit. At the end of this internship, I will have a more works for my professional portfolio that are relevant to my long term aspirations of being a professional rapper that is self sufficient in creating visuals and merchandise for their music. Thus far, my internship has been a great way to network with other music artists who are also in need of artwork and interested in collaboration.