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FSU Art BFA ’18 Jenn Egelfeld’s Internship at All Saints Cinema

Published November 27, 2017

Florida State University–and Tallahassee as a whole–has cultivated an invaluable community of artists and designers. Having been involved with FSU’s Studio Art BFA program, my professional experiences were related primarily to fine arts and the development of a personal studio practice, which are major components of my professional goals; however, the abundance of opportunities and diversity of artistic environments in Tallahassee had broadened my interests to include not only fine art but design, as well. Curious to explore this field further, I was fortunate to come across a call for graphic designers from All Saints Cinema on the FSU art opportunities page. After contacting the manager of the cinema and presenting him with my portfolio, I was instated as the graphic design intern for Fall 2017.

During my time with All Saints Cinema, I was responsible for the creation of flyers, marketing materials, and business cards, keeping showtime listings up to date, and attending two shifts per month. Initially reserved and mechanical in my first few designs, I began to expand my creative expression as I grew more

comfortable with the process. One such project involved the creation of a flyer for a Thanksgiving showing of Hannah and Her Sisters. Still clinging to the old method of rearranging image stills, I had to tailor it to the needs of the season. After several unsatisfactory iterations, I took a chance and generated some original graphics, allowing myself to establish greater trust in my personal vision. Through trial and error, as well as independent research into visual communication, I have strengthened my artistic eye and expanded my skills beyond simply knowing the Adobe programs.

The majority of my internship was off-site, but, my time spent on location was equally enjoyable and valuable. The general atmosphere of the cinema is warm, the rest of the employees amicable and welcoming, both to myself and to guests. There is a vested interest in the artistry of independent films that is palpable among the staff (some of whom work part-time, the rest of their day spent in completely different positions) and the audience (ranging from interested youth to deeply committed regulars).

Having spent my second-to-last semester in college establishing a greater understanding for what design entails, this internship allowed me to lay the foundation of further exploration into this profession–the potential to work as a graphic designer in a company, to become a member of design groups and co-working spaces (e.g. AIGA, Domi Station, etc.), as a web mockup developer, among an infinite number of other career choices I could pursue. I aim to utilize this information to integrate my fine arts and design backgrounds. During my last semester, I intend to use these perspectives to explore post-collegiate career opportunities that I had not previously considered, taking their skill requirements and learning them in my spare time on in an effort to better myself as a creative thinker, expand my toolbox, and become a reliable professional.