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FSU Art BFA ’17 Moses Crocker’s Internship with Alpha Special Ts

Published May 4, 2017

At the start of this internship, I was a little apprehensive and afraid because I was not very confident in my artistic skills and abilities and as an artist most of my work only involved graphite. However, that nervousness and fear was quickly overcome with my desire to learn more about graphic design. Since I want to be a graphic designer when I graduate, I felt that this was a great opportunity for me to break into the field and get my feet wet. Honestly, the learning curve at times was frustrating but also enjoyable. It gave me a passion and love that I would have never thought possible. Having to have an open mind along with patience, passion and time was essential for me during this process.

One of the most challenging parts about the internship was time management. Juggling time can sometimes be difficult when it is time to prioritize and schedule. When you are passionate about something, your whole day can be consumed with working toward perfecting your craft. I have had numerous clients bring me ideas they wanted or needed brought to life and they expected me put all the pieces together for them. This was a tad difficult and posed the challenge of perfecting the skill of time management. But I was always ready to take on that challenge in order to get better at my craft. It could take me an hour on a logo or design. Sometimes it could take me a couple of days, simply because creativity takes time. Creating great customer service skills from my previous employers really helped me be successful throughout my internship experience. Being able to explain the process to the customer was simple because of my past work experiences. My internship has also taught me patience with a customer is what people respect and keeps them coming back.

With all that said I am very grateful for the chance and opportunity I had with Alpha Special Ts. The experience introduced me to an art I feel passionate about and will continue to grow into well beyond this experience. I feel that I am way more in-tune with my creative side and am better able to put my ideas into action, which is so inspiring. This internship has even motivated me to want to learn more day by day and really harvest my full potential as a graphic designer. My ultimate plan after graduating school is to be able to open my own business for graphic’s, logo’s and marketing within a five-year span. I will never forget this experience and will always be grateful that I had this chance.