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FSU Art BFA ’17 Mathew Figueroa Shares Internship Experience with Covalent Reality

Published December 5, 2017

Starting at Covalent I was in awe of the ideas that my boss, Thomas Jackson, had. He was truly an example of a person with vision, a genuine kindness towards others, and the ability to see the impossible as possible. I knew going into the position of 3D Modeler that it was going to be a new and tough journey for me, but after entering the office for the first time I knew that Covalent could be a place where I could grow. Mr. Jackson was very open to new ideas and he was excellent at guiding me towards the right tools in order to improve upon my 3D skills.

Our big project was a virtual reality app that would be compatible with the Samsung Gear VR. Working alongside others who were just as creative, young, and ambitious as I was helped me gain confidence in my workflow. In a matter of more or less than 2 weeks, I picked up the fundamentals of Blender, which would later assist me in learning Maya 3D for one of my courses. After that training period, I began working on models that we would actually use in our application and even worked on some graphic design for the company. The possibility of my models and designs being released to the public and potentially becoming part of a popular app is an opportunity that only Covalent could provide me. The funny thing is that the part that I enjoyed the most out of this internship experience was the making of our application’s logo. A company that is looking towards the future and trying to create a technological mark in Tallahassee gave me the honor to create the identity of one of its products. That experience has me very excited for the day when I will hopefully become a professional designer for even larger companies. For any students who are looking for an internship experience that will give them excellent skills for the technology/design field, a flexible and fun work environment, and a real possibility for career advancement in the future, then check out Covalent and their team.