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FSU Art BFA ’16 Sammantha Marie Interning with 621 Gallery

Published October 13, 2015

Being an intern at 621 Gallery has been a great experience so far. I manage the Facebook and 621 official website. I get to take photos, interact with all the people that come on First Fridays, and help set up the gallery for the exhibitions. So far I’ve been a part of two First Fridays; the first one was “Paranormica Technologica” Fall 2015 FIRST First Friday! It opened on September 4th and was up till September 27th. “Paranormica Technologica” was an interactive virtual reality oculus rifts and bent circuits by Keith Roberson and Calvin Jones. I had a lot of fun photographing these pieces and meeting Calvin. He is a great guy and has similar interest when it came to our work. Keith had this amazing virtual reality that everyone was enjoying through out the entire night of First Friday. After this show was taken down the gallery being empty was a strange experience. Not many get to see it empty and cannot appreciate seeing the transition from one exhibition to the next. The second exhibition that is currently still up in the gallery is the 21st Annual Art Auction. I helped, along with the other interns, to prepare for all the pieces that were donated for the live and silent auction. I actually entered some pieces myself to help raise money for the gallery. They are a part of the silent auction, and it was exciting to have a piece on the walls of the gallery. There are several great items up for the silent auction, and there is going to be a Collectors Reception October 23 from 6-7:30. The live auction begins at 7:30. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing the auction happen because we are having an auctioneer for the live auction items. I have only seen this in movies so I’m excited to witness it in real life. Overall I’m very happy to be part of the 621 Gallery. I’ve already learned so much and made new friends in the art world. Being a part of Railroad Square’s everyday life is a great experience, and I’m looking forward to future First Fridays and our Halloween party coming up!