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FSU Art BFA ’16 Connor Hersey Interning with Berlin Art Guide

Published October 16, 2015

ggggggggThis Fall I began interning for Berlin Art Guide, a selective guide to the Berlin art landscape. Berlin Art Guide provides a variety of services aimed at increasing ease of access to exhibitions within the city. The primary service offered is a guided tour adjusted to guests’ tastes. These tours are limited to four people to increase intimacy and allow for a more engaging dialogue between guests and their guide. Another service in the process of being launched is the Berlin Art Guide Taxi, which would pick guests up from a set location and provide transportation through a selected itinerary determined by the Berlin Art Guide staff. The driver will also function as an informed guide, who will assist in guests’ touring of each exhibition visited.

My role within the Berlin Art Guide structure lies somewhere in the realm of art direction. I am tasked with providing graphics for promotional images as well as designing the new website. Alongside my superiors, Rufina Valsky and Sarah Williams, I am working on the rebranding of the service in preparation for the future developments being added.

I was always apprehensive about working in design; however, I have found a niche in what has proven to be a very supportive environment. I am given creative liberties that I have not experienced with other graphic design jobs, and this has helped foster a good relationship with a company I plan to continue working for. At present, all of our communication takes place through the Internet — which has been a fun learning experience — but this internship has introduced the notion of relocating to Germany as a viable option I am interested in pursuing. While small, the Berlin Art Guide staff is very passionate in its pursuit, and working for creative people in a professionally creative environment has made the reality of life with a BFA less precarious. I am excited for the future.