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FSU Art BFA ’15 Whitney Borkowski Interning at SCAP

Published June 24, 2015

Summer 2015 at the Small Craft Advisory Press (SCAP)

This summer I’ve been learning and working as an intern at the Small Craft Advisory Press (SCAP) within the Facility for Arts Research (FAR). This small press works with artists to create artist’s books. The editions of these books can range from 50 pieces up to 200, which is the edition size of the book I am currently working on.

As an intern I’m mainly helping out with “vvvvv”, a collaboration between Judy Rushin, Denise Bookwalter, Allison Milham, AB Gorham, and Michelle Ray. This book is a modular piece featuring twelve magnetic blocks, each featuring a different design on the front and back. These pieces can be arranged in various forms to create various combinations of designs, color, and shape. The blocks are presented in a custom made four-flap box with a pastedown inside.


My work with “vvvvv” has been very hands on. I’ve been trained to create all of the pieces, from cutting down the designs, to using the laser-cutter to create the shapes that will become the magnetic blocks, to assembling all components to become the finished product. These skills have taught me much about what it means to create a large project that will require months of preparation. In the end there will be 2400 blocks made, and that takes time and patience. The most challenging part of this project for me is consistency, a problem known all too well by artists who work in large scale. Creating an edition of 200 comes down to trial and error, and slowly finding the most efficient methods of your craft; luckily the artists at SCAP and very experienced and extremely helpful.


This internship has also allowed me an opportunity to learn how to use other machines at the facility. I’ve gained experience with the laser-cutter, the letterpress, as well as using the plate-maker for the letterpress.


My goals for my time at SCAP are to better understand the work-flow for large scale projects, gain more experience with the other facilities, and to have the experience working at a small press, which is something I’d be interested in for the future.