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FSU Art BFA ’14 Diana Willits Interns at Red Carpet Productions

Published July 2, 2014

This summer I’m doing an internship with Red Carpet Productions. RCP is a local music production company that has branched off to work with other producers like Ethnikids and Royce Lovett, and in the near future, Vintage Tux. Though the company is built around music, they have recruited members that professionalize in business, computer science, and film/photography.

Laser Cut album cases

Laser Cut album cases

I had met 2 the main producers of the company at different times–Kyle Tesalona through a friend and J Cruz (of Ethnikids) when he was dj-ing my friend’s birthday. I had given each of them my portfolio site and exchanged my long tong term goals, which are to work with a gaming or animated movie entertainment company as a concept artist, modeling artist, or character animator.

This summer I had contacted RCP asking if I could collaborate with them to bring a visual aspect to their music, which they were super excited about. This semester thus far I have completed a music video to their orchestrated cover of Coldplay’s “Midnight”, digitally painted music singles cover art, laser cut templates for “best of rcp” cd cases, and created the concept template layout for their website. Future projects within the next month will include finishing up most of the projects that are in mid-swing including the singles cover art, the soon-to-be mass produced laser cut cd cases, the creation of their website, and one more animation.

City Map for "A Child's Choice" animation.

City Map for “A Child’s Choice” animation.

I often meet up with Kyle and discuss new projects that could help him gain publicity, which is great because I get to use some business and art directing skills which I have observed and learned at my internship at FSU’s Marketing Office. Kyle Tesalona is really open to any ideas that involve technology and posthuman concepts, which my work has been conceptually gravitating towards. So, it is a great opportunity to expand and gives flexibility to what I’d like to create. I have further learned how to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects to effectively make an animation. I have rediscovered my love for the laser cutter by making templates for the cd cases, which required quite a bit of calculation and I finally got to learn and use a living hinge. It was hard to produce good digital work at first, but with my new Wacom Companion, I am in the process of gaining skill in digital painting. All of this knowledge that I have gained will help me expand experience towards the digital artist that I want to be in the future. I am grateful for RCP, FSU, and everyone else that has helped me along the way.