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FSU Art BFA '14 Cassidy Routh Interning with Skewer Media LLC

Published October 20, 2013
One of my designs for ”Meat Men”

One of my designs for ”Meat Men”

Cassidy reports on her intern experiences so far for her fall internship:
Skewer Media LLC rents an office in the Regus building downtown on Monroe. The architecture and décor give off an upscale vibe. When we are settled into an empty workspace, however, the atmosphere is as laid back as if we were working out of my living room.
Sam Lang and David Radke started Skewer Media mainly to get their animated series “Meat Men” ready to pitch to Adult Swim, but also to provide services in Graphic Design (print/web), Video and Animation, and Audio Engineering for other people’s creative endeavors. A Kickstarter project for “Meat Men” was funded, and my internship was born.
On average, the other intern, Jonathan DaVito, and I complete 2 to 3 assignments in a workday. We meet in the office once a week, so a large amount of our work is done from home, and that flexibility is highly appreciated. Our assignments range from character design on Adobe Illustrator to animating using Adobe After Effects. We will also start doing voiceovers relatively soon. Our involvement in this project is wildly hands on and Sam and David are both highly supportive of any ideas Jonathan and I have for “Meat Men”, which is our focus in the internship. Sam and David really value our thoughts and opinions on the project, and it’s starting to feel as though we’ve been on board since day one. Once we complete the pilot episode, we’ll begin working extensively on the pitch to Adult Swim.
Long term, it would be incredible to be picked up for a season. My personal goal is to be a comedy writer for a television show, so to have this opportunity alone is phenomenal. I’m learning so much about the production process of animation and cannot wait until we start the pitching process, which is where I’ll really be gaining an experience close to my own aspirations.
I came into this internship with a very basic knowledge of Illustrator and After Effects, and now feel as though I could make an animated short of my own. I am so grateful that Sam and David gave me this opportunity even though I don’t have much of a digital art background. I’ve only taken Digital Foundations at this point in my college career, but due to the great experience I’m having at Skewer Media, I’m planning on taking Digital Media in the Spring with the hopes that they’ll keep me on board for another semester.